Naval and Marine Equipment Manufacturer

Precision and quality control are essential to producing components for marine equipment. Equipment onboard a ship or at port locations has a significant effect on operations and efficiency.

This is why your company needs a strong relationship with a ship equipment manufacturer such as Pro-Cise. We specialize in making high-quality components that exceed your expectations. Our turnkey solutions allow us to serve as a full-service marine equipment supplier and handle every stage in the production process.

When you need robust parts that meet safety requirements, turn to Pro-Cise, a supplier you can trust.

Marine Equipment Manufacturer

The marine industry operates with high-capacity cargo and requires components and equipment that can meet these demands. A marine parts manufacturer needs to understand the industry’s requirements while producing components that can withstand large loads.

At Pro-Cise, our experience in supplying marine equipment allows us to build a trustworthy relationship with maritime companies. We understand the demands of marine parts, and our various certifications and inspection processes ensure every component meets industry regulations. Because we’re familiar with the material and part testing requirements, every marine component we manufacture is safe and functional.

Our Marine Component Manufacturing Capabilities

Pro-Cise can manufacture critical marine equipment from ship cranes to drill rig components. Our capabilities include:

  • Marine cranes
  • Winch stands
  • Drums
  • Draw-works
  • Gear cases

We cover every stage of the industrial process, from fabricating and machining to finishing and assembling. We’re an International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-certified 9001:2015 manufacturer, and our welders hold American Welding Society (AWS) certifications in several welding processes. Our trained technicians use CNC equipment to perform services with repeatable and industry-leading results. We can even offer material traceability for many services, including welding.

Why We Are the Right Marine Parts Supplier

To meet the rigorous demands of the marine industry, you need a supplier you can trust. At Pro-Cise, we support your needs with:

  • Our ISO 9001:2015 certification. With our ISO certification, we can guarantee consistency in every component we manufacture.
  • First-article inspection and documentation. With first-article inspection, we check our work early in development to ensure our engineering and fabricating techniques meet project specifications.
  • Dimensional metrology and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T). We calibrate our measuring tools for high-level accuracy in every step of the manufacturing process for projects with tight tolerances. We also recognize the high-level GD&T engineering language for interpreting client drawings and employing accurate dimensions, tolerances and rules for marine components.
  • A certified team. Our qualified and trained welders and fabricators offer extensive skills for developing lasting shipbuilding parts and port equipment.
  • A versatile facility. Our 130,000-square-foot facility features a temperature-controlled quality lab for manufacturing robust components and assemblies large enough for marine operations.
  • Intelligent inspection equipment. Our industry-leading inspection equipment allows us to check our work and guarantee you’re getting the highest-quality component possible.
  • Familiarity with complex parts. We have extensive experience working in the marine industry. Our team can collaborate with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) to manufacture certified shipbuilding components.

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Connect with Pro-Cise about our industry-leading processes. As your marine equipment supplier, we'll work with your company to create and finish components that match your specifications. Working with a single-source provider maximizes efficiency, and when you choose Pro-Cise, you can build a relationship that benefits your company and clients.

Contact the Pro-Cise team today for more information about our services as a ship equipment manufacturer. You can also request a quote for fabricating custom marine parts.