Contract Assembly Services

Fabrication and machining services are critical to many industrial operations, and assembly is the final step. At Pro-Cise, our portfolio of services includes assembly solutions for manufactured parts and components to help you finish essential products. Below, discover our capabilities and learn why our business is a reliable choice for your assembly needs.

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Overcoming Assembly Hurdles

If you work with a metal fabricator to manufacture your components, assembly is the final step in the process. Many fabricating companies won’t offer assembly services, leaving these responsibilities to your team. Among the many other functions at your facility, this may be challenging to fit into your schedule.

When welding and fabricating companies offer assembly, it’s usually not a priority service. They may have low productivity or minimal assembly experience, and you won’t get the precise final product you’re looking for. At Pro-Cise, we have as much knowledge and efficiency in assembly as we do in machining and fabrication.

Industrial Assembly Services With Pro-Cise

As a part of our fabrication and machining solutions, we offer a team of assembly professionals. Our experts include electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic engineers who support precision assembly of various products.
Our large loading docks and 20,000-square-foot clean assembly area allow us to assemble large products up to 20,000 pounds. With mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic capabilities, we can handle many project specifications.


Pro-Cise Assembly Service Benefits

Assembly manufacturing services from Pro-Cise offer many advantages to original equipment manufacturers. Turn to our team for:

  • Consistency: When you come to us for fabrication and machining services, you work with experienced professionals in the field. Our experts become familiar with your project and its components, which gives them the necessary knowledge for assembly. Keep your processes under one roof and experience superior quality at every stage.
  • Flexibility: Our facility makes it easy to adjust to your unique needs. We accommodate a range of product sizes and assembly requirements, and we can create shipping arrangements once the assembly is complete.
  • Fewer steps: If you usually handle assembly in your facility, our services offload that process from your operation. If you normally send your components to a third party, you can cut the time spent sending your parts to a new location and back to your facility.

Industry Applications for Assembly Manufacturing Services

Assembly services are valuable to any industry. At Pro-Cise, we handle your assembly needs regardless of complexity or scope. We support many industries with our capabilities, including:

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At Pro-Cise, we complete our fabrication and machining services with assembly solutions. In industries requiring precision, our experts ensure accuracy from beginning to end. Our extensive quality control processes extend to our assembly services to support our precision in electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic assembly. Pro-Cise is your reliable full-service provider for project development. When you work with us, you can pair our assembly services with our other capabilities, including laser cutting, welding, machining and finishing. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services, or request a quote for your project.