Metal Finishing Services

In original equipment manufacturing (OEM), finishing is essential to protect components from harsh conditions and wear . When you outsource your component fabrication, finishing services can be a helpful addition to the process. At Pro-Cise, we provide contract metal finishing services to protect your metal parts and prepare them for your applications.

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Overcoming Finishing Hurdles

Many industries require specialized finishes to protect metal components from environmental factors like heat or corrosion. Sometimes, manufacturers try to manage this process themselves, or a third party will handle the job. These third-party providers don’t always have the experience required to apply the finish according to your specifications. Other times, they lack the efficiency to keep up with your production demands.

You may try to manage the finishing process at your facility, but you may not get the correct finish with traditional paint coatings. At Pro-Cise, our experienced professionals provide specialized finishing services that meet your specifications.

Contract Metal Finishing Services With Pro-Cise

Our production finishing services include a range of capabilities to meet your project requirements. We use the following in-house equipment:

  • Surface Prep/Abrasive Blasting Area
  • Surface Prep Phosphate Washing Area
  • Wet Paint Spray Booth (16′ x 50′)
  • Full Powder Coat Line (Wash, Heat, Paint, Dry)

While our team includes experienced metal fabricators and machinists, we also offer a team of finishing professionals. These experts will ensure your metal components have a smooth, powder-coated or painted finish that improves the component’s durability thrives in various environments. We take the time to understand your project specifications so your finish will reflect your applications.


Pro-Cise Finishing Service Benefits

Working with the experts at Pro-Cise can help you achieve the precision components your manufacturing operation demands. Advantages of our metal finishing services include:

  • Reliability: Our experience with metal finishing allows us to deliver superior services. Our professionals have worked with many components of various sizes and complexities. 
  • Specialized equipment: Components depend on coatings to protect them through high heat, corrosion and other environmental factors, so they need flawless application. While our experience helps us achieve a smooth coating, our equipment supports the process too. Abrasive surface prep and washing ensure a component is free of dirt and imperfections, and our full powder coating line achieves a consistent and full-coverage finish.
  • Fewer steps: Other metal fabricators may not offer finishing services in their portfolio, which will require you to hire another third-party company. At Pro-Cise, everything happens under one roof so your operation has less to plan for.

Industry Applications for Metal Finishing and Painting

Powder coatings and finishes are essential for protecting parts, which makes them common in every industry. Our paint and powder coated finished have proved durable and reliable in industries such as:

Choose Pro-Cise for Industrial Metal Finishing

At Pro-Cise, we're more than a metal fabrication company. Our finishing services ensure your components are well-protected and prepared for your application. Our professionals pride themselves on the quality of their work, and this extends to all coating and finishing processes. Contact us today to learn more, or request a quote.