Metal Cutting Capabilities - A Cut Above

At Pro-Cise, we offer many advanced services for your manufacturing needs. Our custom laser cutting services are at the forefront of metal cutting technology. With our experienced professionals and advanced equipment, you can trust us to support your project with precision.


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Overcoming Traditional Cutting Hurdles

Before laser cutting, professionals relied on traditional methods like sawing and milling. While these techniques help manufacturers achieve the needed cuts, they’re not always accurate. As manufacturing demands rise, these methods fall behind on many businesses’ tight schedules, making companies lag behind competitors in their industries.

While fabricators may attempt to keep up with production demands, traditional cutting techniques come with serious safety concerns. Working quickly can risk technicians’ safety. Laser cutting addresses these hurdles, giving manufacturers a safe, fast and consistent cutting method for any project’s needs.

Precision Laser Cutting Services With Pro-Cise

At Pro-Cise, our experienced staff members utilize laser cutting technology for the best results. We have two in-house laser cutting machines offering power and precision. When we receive your specs, we can use one or both models to achieve cutting accuracy.

Our equipment includes:

  • Mazak 3015 Optiplex 4,000W CO2 Laser (60″ x 120″)
  • Mazak 3015 Optiplex 6,000W Fiber Optic with 2 pallet changer (60″ x 120″)

In addition to our laser cutting technology, we provide laser cutting services with material traceability at your request.


Pro-Cise Laser Cutting Service Benefits

Precision laser cutting services offer many advantages to manufacturers. These benefits include:

  • Material utilization: The nature of laser cutting allows our manufacturers to cut arrays or patterns of parts and make the most of all materials.
  • Repeatability and accuracy: While our cutting machines offer more precision than other techniques, we can also repeat orders with the same level of accuracy every time.
  • Speed: Laser cutting is an efficient process that supports short lead times, so you receive your order sooner. As demand for your products grows, laser cutting allows us to keep up with your component requirements.
  • Non-contact cutting: A laser cutting beam cuts with heat. This non-contact approach means minimal damage to the final product and fewer costs related to repairs and maintenance.

Industry Applications for Custom Laser Cutting Services

With laser cutting’s versatility and accuracy, many industries rely on the process to manufacture components and equipment. Laser-cut parts often contribute to larger assemblies and mechanical components across industries. These sectors include:

At Pro-Cise, our advanced equipment and experienced team ensure we deliver the tight tolerances, quantities and efficiency rates these industries need for their respective components.

Choose Pro-Cise as Your Laser Cutting Company

At Pro-Cise, we're more than a laser cutting company. We support manufacturers with our extensive portfolio of services, from welding and machining to finishing and assembly. When you need a reliable project partner, Pro-Cise offers the expertise, equipment and quality control you need for specialized components. Contact us today to learn more or get a quote for our custom laser cutting services.